Vanilla Extracts

Buy Bulk Madagascar vanilla extract directly from MadagascarSupport local production and keeping the value chain on-island, and work with a local Madagascar company!….Plus cost-wise you can’t get more direct and cost-controlled than this!

If you want to have some fun and experiment, we also encourage trying and tasting new expressions at home and distilling new iterations of extracts derived from our various vanilla beans. – Make madagascar vanilla extract with some of our simple methodology and math. (See below.)

Madagascar Vanilla Company is a partner and vanilla supplier of the world’s top chef and his team, Alain Du Casse, in Paris, and generally are advised to only provide whole beans for true high cuisine and Michelin star material, meaning that or the finest luxury foods, real beans are used more often than extract. However, lots of the flavor industry and baking and patisseries generally prefer extracts, including some of our clients in candy and confectionary, flavoring and sodas, and in every facet and fragment of food and beverage industry.

There are many different ways to extract in fact, which makes the term “extract” an intimidatingly broad umbrella that can be confusing to rookies in the game…Cold extracting, heat extracting, extracting with industrial solvents, extracting to powder form, extracting to different folds, extracting to different ages, extracting to different vanillin content, extracting multiple spices or essential flavors in combination, extracting in different base alcohols, extracting alcohol free, extracting from different types of vanilla beans even.

We have pure, organic, real, and 100% natural Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extracts in versions and iterations for $5 a gallon and for $5,000 dollars a gallon, so please only come to us with targeted needs.

If in doubt, single fold extract is sold in gallons (128 ounces) or liters based on quantity (that is 0.8 pounds of vanilla plant matter per gallon, per rubrics) and can be in custom packaging. In single fold extract, 1 kg of vanilla is used in every 10 liters of alcohol.

MVC produces our vanilla extracts in Northern California USA near the Googleplex campus for small orders, and for large wholesale or custom industrial orders we produce them in central Madagascar at a 40-year old historic facility, with ISO9001 certification, the first extract factory in the nation under President Ratsiraka, and then use a train to bring them to the port or airport to ship, in a truly spectacular migration of flavor across the landscapes of the world with multimodal transport (see our documentary on NHK Japan and Economist video.)

MVC Bulk Pure Natural and Organic Vanilla Extracts Rubrics and Setup Staging Math.

SINGLE FOLD EXTRACT (1kg of vanilla is used in 10 liters of extract.)
DOUBLE FOLD EXTRACT (1kg of vanilla is used in 5 liters of extract.)
10x FOLD VANILLA EXTRACT (1kg of vanilla is literally used in every liter…Boom!)
SPECIAL MVC EXTRACT (BEANS RIPEN FOR AT LEAST 1 WHOLE YEAR! from rare vine caches that are allowed to stay uncut on the farm.)

Here are some of the custom extracts we’ve made in Madagascar, USA, and Japan over the last 15 years.

BLACK BEANS EXTRACT – a good base note to baked goods
RED BEANS EXTRACT- a good base note to beers
12 YEAR AGED BEANS EXTRACT – pretty unique
BOURBON BASE EXTRACT – jumps out of wedding cakes and white creme concoctions with sugary cake based uses.
RUM BASE EXTRACT – All around good extract for most vanilla of the world, and most often seen
VODKA BASED EXTRACT – Great for seafood and fish dishes and coconut pairings in savory meals
BARREL AGED EXTRACT – amazing smell and great in beer
HICKORY VANILLA EXTRACT – tastes like hickory, especially expressive in ales and porters
BURNED CHARRED BARREL VANILLA EXTRACT – smoky and burned like anything else aged in there
EXTRACT WITH VANILLA CAVIAR – very cool looking but makes same impact
EXTRACT TUNED TO EXACT INDUSTRY LAB TARGETS – takes time and discussion and trials and testing
CHRISTMAS CLOVE AND VANILLA EXTRACT FROM MADAGASCAR – a best seller of one of our distributors

Buying vanilla extracts can be as simple as trying a few different makers of vanilla single fold and vanilla double fold (which are mostly what you see in a supermarket and online) if you are a household or just having fun…Or, it can be as complicated as extended lab tests, visits to our farms to pick the specific beans and then cuts and splits…and tuning the exact beans used to extract from and the temperature and time of year…choosing and planning the strengths (folds) and base or pressing or solvents and age and aging vessels and the final vanilla extract vessels and packaging and labeling…if you’re large and industrial.

A Note on Pastes and Tastes:

Madagascar vanilla paste, ALL pastes that bear the name earnestly, are made with vanilla caviar or vanilla ground plant matter from black or red beans or cuts, vanilla extract from those plant parts before they were fragmented (vanilla extract which is itself made from vanilla beans, so thus still all natural) and simple glycerin substances and/or gum arabic to provide that texture. Generally, companies love to leave out emphasis on these last substances since it doesn’t sound so sexy in Planifolia parlance.

Customers also get sugar-scammed often with terrible pastes, by buying pastes packed with corn syrup or cane sugar syrup, or even agave or monkfruit and sweeteners like that. Pastes are not supposed to be sweet, but like so many other foods, “sugar boosts sales and smiles” and so a lot of paste-makers pseudo-cheat (well, that’s one way of looking at it, if you are supposed to be selling pure vanilla) and sweeten pastes as well.

Vanilla Extract Labeling Requirements: This is where the fraud and the funny business is…here, extract makers can pack in ingredients like molasses, malt, corn syrup, sugar, other ingredients in general and coloring, and still call extracts “natural.” Clearly, this is not pure nor organic nor real vanilla extract. There are even vanillin extracts or “vanilla” that is made out of the same tar in road cement, cigarattes, and oak trees!

To age vanilla extract, and to just store it to further focus flavor, remember 4 words: cool, dark, dry, tight.

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