Our Story

The Madagascar Vanilla Company really started more than half a century ago, with the plantation owners on the far east side of the coastal rainforests and the vanilla coast north of Tamatave and south of Sambava, the scorching vanilla coast, in Madagascar. The MVC was formed between USA and Madagascar by Family & Friends who have been in business overseeing quality & grade and exporting from Madagascar for 4 Generations and over 60 years.

We welcome all visitors who want to see how Madagascar vanilla is produced in time and totality, and understand where it comes from, to meet the complex communities and entire micro-economies and marvels that make the flavor the whole earth loves possible. If you’d like to visit us, welcome and please don’t hesitate to reach out, and you can even tour the entire production. Come home with all of your beans after understanding and seeing them face to face and taste to taste!

Today we sell retail and wholesale, the best vanilla in the world, (literally – and we challenge you to compare to any other retail company online or on any world market,) hand-picked and authentically scrutinized and quality controlled on the ground in Madagascar. Find our beans in your local supermarket, order here on amazon or ebay, give us a call, or shop for our treasures right here on our home on the web!

We sell any quantity of the world’s finest vanilla, from 3 beans to 3 containers, to consumers, flavor lovers, discerning gourmets, cosmetic companies, crafty cooks, and businesses in the food sector.

Do not settle for anything less than the real best beans. There are many pretenders out there, but will always be one MVC. We are from and for the island, and bring its treasures to you and to your tastebuds. Order today!

MVC and Vanilla Farm Exporter Lobby Chairman with the President of Madagascar, 2022 in SAVA.

The MVC Group in its modern-day iteration comprises a core constellation of the families from Antalaha, on the “vanilla coast” nestled between the towering and tropical Marojejy and Masoala Rainforests. Headed up by the brothers sisters and extended family on the main SAVA road, from Maman, Gastina, Edith, Jean Luc, Teddy, and Gastel, as well as Lancio, Thierry, Cedric and parents and cousins. Further afield working the frontlines are Keigo and Julie in Japan and Korea, and Tobias Kristin and Anne in Germany, with steadily rising staff numbers in France and USA. The extension of the MVC family and farms in Ampanefena, Andapa, Ambilobe, and Ambanja in Madagascar all hail from the same landowners and farm cooperatives from decades spanning back to pre-independence. In amalgamative arrangement, these farms and grow-ops, bracing and bracketing fields of the orchid planifolia, makeup an entirely vertical supply chain spanning from the first farm seedlings to factory-flavor end-user base.

Over more than 72 years, the generations that started vanilla production before the Cold War and under French Colonialism are now fully Malagasy and intermarried, having rode out the industry under communism until the crop returned to a capitalist free-market economy, continuing expansion to become one of the oldest original group of exporters in Madagascar that in sum make this island the current supplier of 80% of the world’s vanilla. Today they are part of the deciding members that influence global vanilla practices and prices, and MVC’s local leadership is also the Vice Presidency of the Group of exporters in SAVA. (GPES)”