• Madagascar Vanilla Single Origin Small Batch Extract Double Fold from Oak Barrels (2X) – 1 liter (32 ounces)



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Buy directly large size vanilla extract from Madagascar – purer and stronger – double fold (double the punch!.) MVC sells 2 x Extract by the liter, and can furnish regular standard extract or custom vessels and strengths to businesses big and small.

There are about 200 grams of vanilla matter per surface density and mass that go into each liter of double fold organic vanilla extract. Madagascar Planifolia beans are converted into a liquid flavor that takes on not only their vanillin but all of the other subtle flavor notes of the soil and origin and distinct expression of the 230+ molecular compounds that finish the flavor result. This double fold is the highest strength that most households use for vanilla, as higher concentrations or folds are on parity with industrial custom uses. The advantage with double fold is price and purity – the cost per flavor power parity is cheaper, so you need to use half of the quantity approximately while baking, cooking, brewing, or flavoring – but you pay less than half the price per volume of distilled/distributed/diffused flavor impact.

A lot of resellers on Amazon extrapolate our extract properties further to take about flavor notes and notable facts and history of the process, but the core product here (we can private label for you too for Amazon!) is made the slow way over more than 6 months from traditionally cured vanilla beans.

1 liter of vanilla weighs roughly 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds.) There are roughly 3.78 liters of vanilla extract in 1 gallon. There are therefore roughly 3.78 kilograms of vanilla extract in 1 gallon.