• Madagascar Triple Fold Certified Organic Vanilla Paste 1 Gallon

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Need a lot of paster to power production? Our wholesale prices for fair trade certified organic super strong paste start at 1 gallon, and we can offer 55 gallon drums as well as 3 ton packs of paste by ground and oceanic shipping from the United States, Japan, or central Madagascar facilities.

Don’t buy from Shopify and Amazon dalliers, resellers, remarkers, and copackers who visit the island to bargain with producers once a year. – Buy direct from the makers and shakers of vanilla who have been here and can tune and train production and perfect flavor, and have been doing so for generations!

Vanilla pastes can be customized if ordered above 55 gallons and paid samples can be tested. Otherwise you can replace the same measure of extract with the equal measure in oz of pastes.

Ecocert and USDA organic vanilla and ingredients, and core inputs paid to farmers in Madagascar (ours and others in the community as per triage and tattoage at far above fair trade prices, but we are also fair trade certified FFL.

How to make homemade vanilla bean paste (if you aren’t a big company and don’t need It produced for you?) To make your own vanilla bean paste, you basically take vanilla beans, make extract from them in the fold you want, cut or powderize the rest into specks and powder, and add a few spreading and stabilizing gelatinous agents (we have to use our industry standards but you can use several different “pate” agents that do the trick.) Put it in your vessel/jar and well mixed or threshed and thrashed out evenly, and voila!

The vanilla in vanilla bean pastes MVC uses come from rainforest-friendly farms and communities, that have stable boundaries and plantation limits that generate enough income for everyone that they aren’t incentivized to revert to rice agriculture and beef range land instead.