• Madagascar Triple Fold Certified Organic Vanilla Paste 32 oz

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Madagascar Vanilla Triple Fold Paste in Bulk – 32 ounces of Vanilla Bean Paste, Super Strong and with certified organic vanilla.

We also carry 4 oz and 1 gallon and 55 gallon sizes.

MVC pastes are natural and organic, made from fair trade vanilla beans from Madagascar (of course) and with real vanilla, intensified and generously concentrated into extract and then chopped and ground and macerated into resulting specs and plant matter to make sure every paste morsel of Madagascar flavor goes in the jar.

Our vanilla production is rainforest friendly, astride the Macolline and Masoala and Marojejy forests in Madagascar and not purchasing from farms inside the national preserve or pressing population pressures onto the True forests. This is something almost no other vanilla exporter can claim and verify. We also fund lemur research and forest plant cataloging of the over 6,000 plants in Masoala forest proper, and assist WCS researchers and American students in conservation and sustainable agro-economics in the region.

Madagascar Paste has been a parallel player in the Planifolia flavor field as the internet grew and supermarkets consolidated with the pastes as a substitute for extract, and then decentralized and localized into boutique brands with diverse offerings and lines of vanilla in the age of Whole Foods and Sainsburys, becoming in some contexts countries and industries as popular as extracts, and more so than powder. Pastes are known for ease of spreading the scent under the chef’s nose on the whole recipe and baked good in focus, and for enabling distribution of stable flavor over the finished food. They use a gelatinous substance popular in baking to expand volume and conduct the vanilla color and taste well.