• Madagascar Vanilla Single Origin Small Batch Extract Single Fold from Oak Barrels (1X) – 1 liter (32 ounces)



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Organic vanilla extracts freshly pressed and cold extracted and aged in oak barrels, from magnificent single-origin-selected flavor lots of love, traced down to the individual planter coop and plot in the 3 principal growing provinces of Madagascar, timed for the sweep of the season north to south from Diana down to Mananara.

Single fold extract simply means 1kg of vanilla is used in every 10 liters of extract. You can double down on this or even crank it up to double, 10, even 42 fold in order to make a powerful punch, but the FDA US standard extract that is legal legitimate parlance comes in at 1kg per 10 liters.

Vanilla extract in most supermarkets and online e-commerce sites is based on this simple single fold measure. Typically if an extract is not labeled specifically as Madagascar vanilla extract, that means it doesn’t use any traditionally cured beans from Madagascar, and that the taste won’t be up to par either. Substitutes are routinely attempted by scientists and super-funded laboratories, but still after hundreds of years have failed and come in miserably short of Madagascar taste. Real Madagascar vanilla extract is unmistakable, marvelous, and hits a complex cocktail of receptors on your tastebuds. You won’t go back after you taste the difference.

Madagascar vanilla extracts are from made from beans cured down to the dryness (red or black texture) of 20-25% humidity, before they are further split or snipped, and finally extracted with organic cane alcohol. We also offer alcohol free (custom order) extract for the Muslim world, on demand.