• Madagascar Vanilla Single Origin Small Batch Extract Double Fold from Oak Barrels (2X) – 1 gallon



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Madagascar Pure Double Strength (“Double Fold”) Vanilla Extract is produced at MVC by the gallon for bulk sale and wholesale. – This is stronger vanilla extract batched into discrete and distinct lot and production runs tagged for traceability from the collection house where the beans are already fully matured and then cured under the bourbon method, and we generate 5 liters to every kilogram of vanilla used to extract into these gallons. That is what double fold means (2x.) MVC uses organic cane sugar alcohol to extract the plant matter, and the extractives are pulled from both the husks and the seeds (caviar) of the beans, for around half a year or more before it’s bottled.

Vanilla extract occurs in a sort of wine cellar setting borrowed from Napa Valley or France scenery and systems, in oak barrels and in climate control and humidity control in the warehouse. Extract when rum-based (cane sugar based) tends to pair with the most use cases for home crafting and cooking as well as the food industry. Bourbon and Vodka based are rarer and on request, and help the flavor jump out of cakes and pastries and fish. Our default is to use organic cane sugar (rum) based alcohol to extract the vanilla beans and concentrate the flavor notes into the vessel.