• Vanilla Absolute

    Minted at Madagascar’s oldest extract factory!


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Vanilla Absolute is literally 40 fold (4 kg of vanilla for every liter) extract that is perhaps the most concentrated vanilla used in the world for (mostly-industrial) applications. We use a special facility in Madagascar to produce it. Vanilla absolute is taken from and further processed to be over and above the oleoresin (essential oil) level, and has even more concentrate of the vanilla essence than does any extract or oleoresin.

This is a great product for perfume and cosmetic companies, but not wholly recommended for food or brewing. It is VERY strong and overpowering in application and scent. If you get it on your skin it can still linger for days and many showers.

We produce all of our vanilla absolute in Central Madagascar at the end of one of the country’s oldest railroads, in the nation’s first value-added (more than just a farm, in other words) facility and now-high-tech lab and production factory, commissioned under President Ratsiraka.

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