• Madagascar Vanilla Single Origin Small Batch Extract Single Fold from Oak Barrels (1X) – 1 gallon

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Single Fold Vanilla Extract is made with 1 kg of beans for every 10 liters of extract, with certified organic, fair trade and rainforest-friendly cold-extraction vanilla, absolutely radiant after soaking for half a year or more in oak barrels like fine whiskey or sherries. The beans come in paraffin wax paper to refract and reflect the aromas in the export boxes, where the beans are then soaked in organic cane sugar alcohol and further focused in oak barrels.

Each extract batch is from a single carton of 55 pounds of beans that go into 250 liters of extract, the beans of which are themselves geotagged and tattooed to a particular field at a particular time of year in Madagascar.

Madagascar extracts of vanilla are also gluten-free and kosher