• Vanilla Essential Oil (Oleoresin)

    Minted at Madagascar’s oldest extract factory!


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Vanilla Oleoresin we make (basically 25 fold vanilla extract from traditionally cured bourbon vanilla beans that is used in some cosmetic and specialized industries. It can only be made in our special laboratory in Fianaratsoa. Typically, some of our customers in large industry make their own, but we can also manufacture oleoresin for you on demand.

True Vanilla essential oil is made with 25 fold vanilla extract and is fragrant but not really on parity for diffusion potential of extracts or powder. For soaps, shampoos, substances where essential oils are used interact differently than food, and the flavor concentrates and does not distribute evenly far and wide among a food.

So-called factory “Oleoresins” can be made with horrible methods as well, whereas companies and factories go pulling out solvents in chemically-made extracts in China or France from vanilla, good or bad (cured or young too.) We simply use 25 folds of European red vanilla triage with plain and press the plain natural way, to high high concentrations (or “folds”)

We produce all of our oleoresin in Central Madagascar at the end of one of the country’s oldest railroads, in the nation’s first value-added (more than just a farm, in other words) facility and now-high-tech lab and production factory, commissioned under President Ratsiraka.

To customize your extracts or essential oils, please contact us with focused criteria. Otherwise, please order our standard.