Refund and Return Policy

  • We are happy to receive any returns free of charge for a complete refund of the product price minus shipping.
  • Customers are eligible for a refund and return if the package has been unopened and all seals and labels are intact.
  • Once we receive the product back in the mail (with shipping at customer’s expense) in its original state, a refund will be issued immediately to the client on the same credit card they used to purchase the product.
  • Please note that your bank or credit card company may take some time (3-10 days but sometimes less) to return the funds to your account.
  • Please note that if your account is in a different currency than USD, your own bank may charge you for the conversion back into dollars and that is only under the control of your bank, not MVC.
  • Please include a reason for your return and anything we can do to improve and help you in the future!
  • We do not accept returns for opened products, nor products that are returned after 7 days of arrival.
  • Mold and logo fine print disclaimer T&C biological product guarantee but up to this value storage chain of x.
  • Biological products are not guaranteed to remain in the same state once they break the storage chain and are opened, repacked, or stored in your receiving space or storage room and climate and microbiome in your air. Biological products are not guaranteed to retain water or not spoil or ruin after more than 3 months, after exposure to heat, light, or moisture or air, and after they have left our supervision and warehouse storage. Guidelines and directions for proper storage in discussion or on website materials are general guidance only and do not serve as guarantees or general shelf life and shelf procedures or prescriptions and plans.