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A special type of vanilla triage, taken traditionally from the northern half of Madagascar’s vanilla coast. The color Is literally red, and the American preference for industry tends to be a balanced humidity level to optimize whole flavor profile rather than purely weight surface density and vanillin.

More of Andapa and SAVA and the Diana region is red, while the darkest beans tend or trend to come from Mananara and Maroansetra and are black. Once boiled, the fashion with how you shade it or “bake” it (if direct in the sun or is put in shade first) and in what order determines the color tone and if it shifts to black, brown, red, or fox colored. If direct in the sun, the vanilla is “redder” hued, in Interaction of the surface of the vanilla husk with the air and the photonic profile.

Red in USA is primarily used for industry, extract, and applications where aesthetics and optics are not primary considerations. You will not commonly see it in the supermarket, since despite flavor being amazing with American red, customers are too accustomed to seeing whole beans long black large and intact (and “juicier”) and mentalize the market as such.

If you need Madagascar red vanilla beans, (“American Red, Rouge Americain”) for extract or flavor punch, order it here.

MVC red beans are generally distinct in smell and taste from “Grade A”, “Grade B” or other arbitrary triage monikers like TK, gourmet, etc. Generally red are preferred in shady trade as well since they are more stable from moisture and mold, so you do need to be careful who you buy them from, as they can often be a pretext and mask for poor cutting and curing practices. The real intent of red beans is to enable a different taste, as the smell and specific molecular profile of the beans are also distinct from black. You get red for either the concentration of vanillin and plant matter that goes into extracts and industrial use, OR for the difference in taste.