• Madagascar Vanilla Killer Snipped Super-Splits (Pre-Optimized Surface-Dense Splits of Vanilla Beans) – 1 KG



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Are you after great taste and impeccably excellent and consistent flavor, but don’t care about the appearance of your beans and prefer to simply maximize the Vanilla’s flavor interaction, transference, and transfusion from the beans into your food, flavor, or recipe or extract line? Solved.

These splits are manually split open and thinned and trimmed to assure that the highest amount of vanillin and “juice” possible makes it from the interior of the caviar (seeds) and husks (skins) of the beans possible into your food and then on to your tastebuds and those of your customers.

Madagascar vanilla bean splits and cuts – Buy your best Madagascar vanilla bean splits and cuts online here – Arrival speedy and smooth for your food production, and use same day out of the bag. Certified Organic, Rainforest-friendly (we’re actually here in the rainforest so we verify firsthand, not “once every 5 years with some random corrupt third party certification agency who may as well be on the moon, while the foreign rep or trader visits once in a hotel for 2 days” like other so-called sustainable green practices.) We are also fair trade FFL certified (and we actually pay far above the fair trade price.)

Madagascar killer snipped splits are from red and black beans, simply based on flavor profile and vanillin. The best scents typically come from south of Vohemar, and some years from south of Cap Est (Eastern Pirate cape)

These beans come from the north and south of Masoala rainforest in Madagascar, and are processed in Antalaha and Maroansetra chosen from over 280 different discrete lots of cuts and splits that are for industry and head to America and Europe. We randomize lab testing and select for retail the best vanillin fix and aroma profile, and bring them to the USA. Regional standouts have been Antsirabe-Nord in 2017, Andapa in 2019, Tampolo and Cap Mas in 2020, and Bemanavika in 2021.

To make pure vanilla powder, organic premium vanilla powder in fact, simply grind these in a powerful machine into 300 or less microns size, and you have fresh organic Madagascar Vanilla powder!