• Madagascar Vanilla Best Beer-Bomb (or Extract Maker) Brewpack



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You out to make a killa vanilla beer? We have the perfect pre-made optimized vanilla snipped and perforated packs of overripe and sun cured splits for you! – These beer bombs are not just any cuts or splits from Madagascar. They are put off limits on the orchid way past the cutting date and then “released into the wild” into orange colored atomic flavor detonators. The results for brewing or distilling are nothing short of extraordinary.

Developed and perfected in Andapa and Ampanefena in Madagascar, this late-cutting technique makes the vanillin crystal take on a different profile and end up with a bean that has a different nose and pallet mix of its 230+ flavor compounds in the bean. Then once snipped enough for maximizing surface density, this line produces the best tasting vanilla brews through blind trials in Madagascar, USA, Belgium, and Japan.

If you’re a brewer, try this product for a money-back guarantee! We consider it a vanilla “technology” to get the best taste, and will back it up with a bang for your buck, risk free.

We are also actively seeking brewing collaborations and contests to rack up the rep and the rapport with some rigorous drinking data.

This product is neither a powder nor a cut not a split. It’s prepared physically with blades and vac packed. You just need one of these for a few kegs, a few gallons of tip top extract, or a trial production run of your recipe beer.

How to brew vanilla beer – We actually make vanilla beer in Madagascar, an amber ale and a few experimental runs of porters and saisons and IPAs and blond ales. See our brewing page for more information, where we will be commissioning brewmasters to start writing guest pieces. MVC now has a brewer in Antananarivo and is hiring one in Philadelphia in a collaborative with Vanilla Corp.