Black Gold – Headed to Hysteria

Madagascar’s government announced that 2017 export of vanilla can legally commence on October 15th of this year for the new harvest.

The price of 1kg of the “black gold” in Sambava is now selling at the farm, from all growers at the local market price of 2.4 million ariary ($822 USD!) Ex-works.

Good bye to many-a-custard-pie…

There are now 102 licensed exporters of vanilla in Madagascar, the vast majority of them latecomers to the party who arrived after hearing of high prices…A few years too late. unfortunately, and many missed the point and are paper entities, their registrants returned home after losing their investment.

Total gross tonnage for the annual 2017 national gross yield of beans is yet unknown, with most statistics for the season erring on the side of market manipulation (on behalf of the purveyors and sellers) rather than realism (on behalf of the customers in the world.)

There is no reliable total harvest figure of 2017 gross tonnage.