Cyclone Enawo Report – March Mada Madness

“On March 7, a category 4 cyclone struck Madagascar. Cyclone Enawo was one of the strongest cyclone to hit the Island in the last 13 years. The impact of the storm on the people and infrastructure of Madagascar is quite clear.

While we cannot deny that the impact of such cyclone is significant humanly and materially speaking, it is too early to make official statements on how this climatic event has affected the vanilla crops.

Compared with the previous cyclones, Hudah and Gafilo, it seems that vanilla plots have been less impacted, even though cities like Antalaha have suffered extensive damages.

It is equally important to support local communities through this hardship, as it is important not to flare up the market with making assumptions, in order to avoid unjustified speculation on prices, which would go against the sustainability of the Malagasy vanilla.”

-Courtesy of our wonderful friends at D S.