MVC Reforesting and Protecting Madagascar

MVC has partnered with L’Hommes et L’Environment, a small NGO in Antananarivo, Madagascar, to reforest the vanilla coast and its rich rainforests, including the areas of Andasibe and Ramanofana famous with tourists, and the road between the capital and Tamatave (the main city and the port of Madagascar,) which used to be rich with the world’s most unique rainforests.

80% of Madagascar’s rainforest has been cut down by agriculture and humans.

MVC is committed to donating 10% of its net profits to the protection and reforestation of the Madagasar Primary and Secondary tropical rainforest, and the amazing and irreplacable animals that inhabit it.

L’Hommes et L’Environment allows our customers and us to see from Google Satellite, and to see from the road in Madagascar itself, the impact of their purchases and their conservation, month by month. There is no overhead in this NGO, and take it from a business who is skeptical of NGO’s in totality, we make sure the money sticks, and that you are impacting.*