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  1. Vanilla Price Floor and Export Cutoff Date

    In what could be a quality, or could be a price-fixing measure to benefit offshored pre-shipped stocks, the exporters and the government in Mada have instituted a $350 price floor on exported vanilla, and an export cutoff date of May 31/June 1. In past times

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  2. Vanilla Market Report | Right Before the 2019 Green Season

    The vanilla crop gross yield estimates in Madagascar are going to be relatively unknown for 2019 until the green season starts around July 10 and after. In the meantime, vendors will try to push prices high spinning news and storing away or strategically selling off

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  3. Air Madagascar & MVC

    MVC Ascending with Air Madagascar’s In-Flight Magazine for 2019 “Vanille volant” Gaining altitude in volumes aboard with a great year’s start! Check us out and the very vanilla featurettes in upcoming issues!

  4. Vanilla Craft Beer in Madagascar Debut

    The First Craft Beer Company in Madagascar itself, Red Island Brewing, has started a new collaboration with MVC on a vanilla white ale and a vanilla amber…coming to a tasting flight near you in SAVA, Tana, or the Be in the North!

  5. The Open of the 2018 Vanilla Export Season

    The scent of SAVA lingers strong in the air this month as everyone prepares for export from mid-October. The industry and inventory management is in a buzz from the beaaches of Antalaha to verdent Vohemar, and even down past Masaola Forest to Mananara and up

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  6. Green Season Open – Off To The Races!

    The start of the vanilla season kicked off this week with a rush into the deep green countryside of SAVA with bag fulls of cash. The buzz in Sambava and Antalaha has infused the air and the hotels have filled up with foreigners anxious for

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  7. New MVC Flagship Store in Antananarivo | Vanilla for Pickup in Tana and TNR Airport

    NEW! – MVC flagship store opening in Isoraka, downtown Tana, across from No Comment bar/cafe, November 1. NEW! – MVC beans all available point of purchase in Antananarivo downtown location or Tana (TNR) airport location. That same old beautiful magical smell, unmistakable and irresistible, is

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  8. Black Gold – Headed to Hysteria

    Madagascar’s government announced that 2017 export of vanilla can legally commence on October 15th of this year for the new harvest. The price of 1kg of the “black gold” in Sambava is now selling at the farm, from all growers at the local market price

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  9. A farewell to vacuum packing as of new legislation in Madagascar…wax paper price has now gone up too at the shops and ports. Export licenses have gone down in price to $3000 per year in Mada to bust some trusts up… All in all, good

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  10. Cyclone Enawo Report – March Mada Madness

    “On March 7, a category 4 cyclone struck Madagascar. Cyclone Enawo was one of the strongest cyclone to hit the Island in the last 13 years. The impact of the storm on the people and infrastructure of Madagascar is quite clear. While we cannot deny

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